Spend the year fully and unapologetically focusing on learning how to love and heal YOU... 

The Healed and Loved Woman is a 12 month healing experience where you will be taken on a journey to help you heal the underlying root causes of low self-worth, feeling not enough, and self- doubt caused by unresolved childhood and relational trauma.  

It is built with the intention for 2020 to be YOUR year...

...The year you are able to confidently and fully let go of the things that have held you back...  

....The year you let your walls down and know how to love others by first loving yourself...  

....The year you can confidently say you know how to not only push past your insecurities, but love yourself through them  

For a FULL YEAR, I will walk alongside you to help you heal those underlying root causes of low self-worth, feeling not enough, and self- doubt.  

Together, we will learn how to celebrate your life and where you are TODAY while also pushing forward to create a full and abundant relationship with yourself.  

You will learn how to play and get in touch with your inner child while fully embodying the whole and healed adult woman you aim to be.  

Finally, you will improve your boundaries and learn how to take care of yourself without sacrificing who you are.  

Sounds amazing?

Awesome, let's take a deeper look into our year together!

Enrollment is now closed! See you in 2020!




Getting in touch with your body Building self compassion Setting Goals Working on Your Emotions


Understanding Your Value Looking at Boundaries


Defining Your Reality Healthy Dependency Healthy Self Control


Meeting Your Inner Child Your Role in Your Family


How to feel loved and build your self confidence  


How to own your boundaries and stand up for yourself  


Knowing What YOU Think Matters  


Taking Care of Yourself & Healthy Self Dependency  


Being in Control  


Combating Shame Feeling like you belong  


Imposter Syndrome Most Requested Topic 1 


Most Requested Topic 2 Graduation  

Every month comes with: 

  • Hours of videos, exercises, homework, and journal prompts  
  • An organized community support group to post thoughts and process your stories  
  • A resource library filled with mindfulness tools and skills to actually work through your problematic anger, sadness, fear, guilt, envy, etc
  • Monthly live Group Q&As 

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Shena!

I'm a Relational Trauma and Attachment Specialist, Licensed Professional Therapist, and Love Addiction Coach based out of Houston, TX. 

With over 10 years of experience, I have women heal from unresolved childhood relational trauma, love addiction, and changing relationship patterns. 

I am the founder of Black Girls Heal, and online community dedicated to helping women of color break the cycles of unavailable relationships and feeling not enough by healing what's within. 

Mentoring VS Counseling VS Coaching

In The Healed and Loved Woman, I'm refering to myself as your "Healing Mentor" versus a Coach or Therapist.

Why is that?

A good therapist helps you heal from your past, but she takes a hands off approach. She is your guide to help YOU find and create revelations and epiphanies. She doesn't insert her opinion, but allows you to find your way with her support.

As your healing mentor, I will help you heal from your past, but you will also always have access to my direct guidance and opinion. I will help you facilitate creating the path that is true for YOU while unlearning unhealth messages about who you are. 

A good coach helps you achieve objectives to meet a goal while celebrating your achievements along the way. Work with a coach is usually short term and the rules is tt you only look forward and never back.

As your healing mentor, we will create the future you want while using to past to inform us on how to avoid not only the pitfalls of OUR past, but the pitfalls of those who came before us. Joy and celebration will be infused into every step and every ounce of progress you achieve. 


When I was thinking about what I love to do about what impacts the most change and makes women on the other side feel seen and loved, it's mentorship.  

It is more intimate. More real. More hands on.

Having someone who has been there walk alongside you, answer all the questions you have, and lead the way is an amazing gift.  

Curated and specialized support for you!


Because I know the needs of the cohort may be differ, space is buit in the schedule to be responsive. 

There will be bonus lessons at the end of our time together around the most requested topics about self love (not relationships) should it not already be covered in the course.  


We’re taking it slow for an entire year because I want to ensure no one feels behind or rushed in their healing process.

When working on healing trauma, triggers often arise so going slow is actually going fast.


To ensure you are living our best life immediately, every month will include “Joy Challenges,” bodywork exercises to get you connected to yourself, and affirmations specifically related to the topics of the month.


Finally, depending on the size of the cohort, you may also get your own specially assigned accountability group of women based on what you are all working on to help you feel seen and grounded.  

Highlights of Your YEAR of You

  • Real ways to calm your body when you are anxious, your mind is racing, and your body is taking over  
  • Skills and coaching on what to do when in the moment when triggered and the affirmations aren’t working  
  • A proven way to clear out those limiting beliefs when the logic falls through  
  • A community of people to tell you are not alone, making things up, or crazy  
  • Breaking generational curses 
  • Identifying exactly how exactly father and mother wounds (siblings, aunts, etc) may or may not have affected you so that you can target it and walk through it  
  • What does self love mean broken down, not theories  
  • How to combat imposter syndrome

This course gives you the skills, coaching, and community you need outside of the therapy room.  

How is this different than Learn to THRIVE?

Learn to THRIVE is our signature program that helps to improve self love but also does it in the context of relationships. 

The Healed and Loved Woman improves self love, but does so but taking a look solely at healing unresolved relational trauma and focusing on the self. 

Here's a diagram to see where the programs differ and where they align.

Enrollment now closed! See you in late 2020!


Frequenty Asked Questions

Will all of my issues in this area be fixed by the end of the course? 

Healing is a lifelong process, so while you may definitely experience significant improvement and relief at the end of the course, there are some issues you may continue to learn and release throughout your lifetime. Kind of like a onion that has many layers, once you heal one portion, you may learn that it's connected to something else. 

I see there are group portions (a community forum and live Q&A's). Do I have to participate? I don't like talking about myself.

It totally make sense that you would be shy about participating. Even for those who aren't super private, these are some really tough issues that we will be talking about. 

While it is up to you how much you share/do not share, previous students who have participated in the forums and group sessions have gotten the most from the course. This is because 1) they learn they are not alone and have a lot more women who can relate and have been where they are and 2) other people are helped by hearing your story. 

How does the payment plan work? 

Monthly payments are automatically deducted on the same date of the following months that you registered. (i.e. If you register on the 10th, your payment will be deducted on the 10th the following months. 

What's your refund policy? 

Because this course offers you knowledge and tools that are unable to be returned, there will be no refunds issued for this course.